tisdag 29 mars 2011

insert clever title here

Still pretty fucking cold outside, but it kind of feels like we're walking toward better times which we are, soon summer will be upon us and we'll all be happy - until it ends. Nothing interesting to write about as i am quite the boring person, i could spam links like a lot of the other people but im just not feeling it. I guess im just plain boring.

Im considering watching a movie on my new TV, any suggestions? post them below, i'll watch anything

These last few days i've been playing some borderlands and doing other boring things, but borderlands is quite fun, at least when you have a friend to play it with. It starts out that you're one of four classes doing quests and tasks that will help you reach the vault, which is the goal of the game. It is more or less only a co-op game but you can play it alone (it is no fun alone though so if you're forever alone you probably shouldnt play it). It is a FPS RPG and its graphics are awesome. Either way the game is great, if you need a game to play with a friend brother or whatever you really should try it out.

Other than that im not sure what to say as i suck at blogging..
I should probably try to become more interesting but meh, who cares, right?

fredag 25 mars 2011

so fucking cold

I have mixed feelings about yesterday, it was a pretty decent day, bought a new TV and i bought a new leather jacket but jesus fuck the wind was blowing way beyond usual and it was pretty cold. I also did the usual - vidyagames and i actually did watch a movie on my new television, it was called Machete. It was pretty great, if you like mindless action which i usually dont but it was quite entertaining.. I died the day before yesterday in haven and hearth, which was quite frustrating as i had built up my character strong and now he's weak as fuck. But he'll come back, he'll be strong once again soon enough. Tonight im going to a play that is basically made by amateurs and I doubt it will be a well made play, but who knows - maybe it'll be brilliant. Im not going to write a wall of text today as i have nothing really interesting to write about, perhaps tomorrow.

onsdag 23 mars 2011

tonight tonight tooooonight

Nothing interesting is going to happen tonight, i just thought it'd be a good topic since i've had that song in my head for quite a while, its a good song but reprise version is better, is it not?

When i walked home i thought how awesome it would be to have a leather jacket, im not sure if i could pull one off but i might buy one, but im not happy about it might being fake leather, for i would go apeshit if i now bought a fake one. Oh well life goes on as i usually say.

Yesterday i finished Dragon Age 2, which there has been a fuss about over the last few days/week on the internet, it was quite short but it was good fun - a lot different from Origins in a kind of way that the combat was better, i cant say that it was harder but it was a change for the more general audience, i would say.
In haven and hearth apparently there was a big theft, some guys stole our furs and seeds, which is a big problem as we need them to make our little village into a great bustling city. Hopefully we'll find some new ones and that these will be finished so that we can use them. Game is still fun but im not sure how long it is going to last, apparently some people on IRC play this game for 3-4 hours every day mapping the world which honestly sounds boring to me. It is fun exploring but after the 100th raided anthill and getting a massive amount of blueberries it gets kind of old

Oh well only time will tell how our village fares.

tisdag 22 mars 2011

The beginning

So this is my first time writing on this blog, i've never thought I'd actually cave in to this blogging but well, here I am.

Im not sure what purpose this writing has, but then again i'm not sure about our purpose at all, so I guess it doesnt matter..

Either way i'll probably stop doing this soon enough, lets just see how long we can keep this thing going, eh?

Anyways to the real deal, me and some friends are playing this game called Haven and Hearth, it is a lot of fun, it is pretty much a non-linear mmorpg where you struggle for survival in a cruel world with russians who are out for your items and life. Either way this isnt all that interesting, instead i'll write a bit about the movie i watched last night, it was called Kick-Ass, which people had claimed were one of the best movies of the year. I dont agree though seeing as it was mediocre at most, the leads girlfriend was hot but that was the only real highlight, well, the brutality was quite great and Nicholas Cage did a good job as the role of the psychotic father but i felt that the script lacked a lot of different things and it could have been a lot greater movie if it wasnt written to satisfy braindead teens.