tisdag 22 mars 2011

The beginning

So this is my first time writing on this blog, i've never thought I'd actually cave in to this blogging but well, here I am.

Im not sure what purpose this writing has, but then again i'm not sure about our purpose at all, so I guess it doesnt matter..

Either way i'll probably stop doing this soon enough, lets just see how long we can keep this thing going, eh?

Anyways to the real deal, me and some friends are playing this game called Haven and Hearth, it is a lot of fun, it is pretty much a non-linear mmorpg where you struggle for survival in a cruel world with russians who are out for your items and life. Either way this isnt all that interesting, instead i'll write a bit about the movie i watched last night, it was called Kick-Ass, which people had claimed were one of the best movies of the year. I dont agree though seeing as it was mediocre at most, the leads girlfriend was hot but that was the only real highlight, well, the brutality was quite great and Nicholas Cage did a good job as the role of the psychotic father but i felt that the script lacked a lot of different things and it could have been a lot greater movie if it wasnt written to satisfy braindead teens.

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